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What is The Tangerine Owl Project All About?

We support those who support families with premature infants


What’s in a name?

The meaning behind The Tangerine Owl Project

We’ll bet you’re wondering where the name Tangerine Owl Project comes from and how it has anything to do with supporting Infant Special Care Units (ISCUs) / Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and the families of premature infants, so let us explain…

Shortly after Delilah’s arrival, I wanted to get her a little blanket, so I scoured Etsy to find the perfect thing. This was difficult, because almost all girl blankets were pastel and fru-fru. NOT Delilah—this was one very vibrant and BOLD little lady. It was then that my eyes landed on a blanket covered in orange, fuschia, and blue wide-eyed little owls, trimmed in that same vibrant orange satin. That was it, and that blanket was the initial inspiration behind the name. But the meaning is much deeper than just a “reminder blanket…”

Tangerine speaks to the vibrance that she brought to our life, because orange is simple and understated, something Delilah never was.

The owl is strong and known for wisdom. We will not focus on how “sad” and “frail” preemies are. Instead we will focus on how truly powerful they are. While it’s true that they need special care, they are built-in fighters and are strong in their own way. And, it is under the owl’s watchful eyes that nature moves, much like the watchful eyes of those who take care of these little lives daily.

Project reminds us that this is a continual move towards improvement. Improving the experience of the families that have children in the ISCUs and supporting them through the ups and downs of that rollercoaster ride. We are aiming to move forward in research, in treatment, and community awareness of just how much is needed to help these tiny miracles.